Saturday, March 2, 2013


The Church of Nihilism welcomes all those brothers and sisters who contribute to our every growing, beautiful and bitter understanding of the emptiness of existence. We welcome those who puke on this vile world and who dare to spit in the face of the "happy robots" who refuse to face the reality of the hideous void of culture and civilization and life itself. Scientific and artistic explications of the extent of filth in the world are all welcome. Come one, come all to the circus of despair. Spill your tale of lost love, betrayal, cheating, lying, stealing, rape, murder, genocide, the eradication of enemies and weaklings...feel free to embrace the finality and efficiency of the Nazi ovens or the evisceration of pregnant women such as that wrought by the followers of C. Manson. Speaketh your mind as you please and use your words to rub people's faces in the dirt.

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