Saturday, March 2, 2013


The Church of Nihilism welcomes Sister Revay who has spent several years working in pornographic films from simple straight sucking and fucking to S&M and piss films. She has livened many parties by wandering about naked and sitting on the laps of male and female admirers. She has also enlivened these same parties by being willing to suck off nearly anyone with the guts to take it out of their pants in a room full of voyeurs (and I humbly number myself amongst the number of the sucked). The greatest interest to me is her complete fascination with drinking the piss of huge numbers of men. She doesn't like sex with women so much (although she is willing to do it professionally) and she doesn't like pissing on people so much (although I have seen her do it). Nope. Her thing is to open wide and have her mouth filled with golden gleaming streams of urine flowing from any willing and able cock (belonging to a man who has had an AIDS test). Revay loves piss and for that I nominate her for sainthood in the Church of Nihilism.

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